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Live like we believe it

Text: Mark 1:9-15 I don’t know exactly why it was that the Spirit pushed Jesus out of the baptismal waters right into the wilderness to undergo temptation, but every year at this time we read this story to begin our Sundays in Lent.  So, it seems like a hint, doesn’t it? That the Spirit of God, which we receive at our baptisms, directs us, recruits us, presses us forward and deeper into our lives with God. That the Spirit is active in our lives and is sometimes most likely to show up as disruption.  In the Gospel of John, which has a lot more to say about the Spirit than any of the other Gospels, Jesus proclaims that it is the Spirit that will lead us, his followers, into truth, even when that truth might be at the edge of the unbearable. It is the Spirit that is with us, opening our eyes, prompting us, when we are listening for what it is that God is doing in the world and what it is that God wants us to do in the world, even when, or perhaps especially when, we are exhausted, con

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