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Stay in or get out?

Text: Matthew 14:22-33
So the dinner is over, the people have gone home, and Jesus puts the disciples in a boat and sends them out to sea while he goes up the mountain to pray. And evening comes and the wind gets up and the waves batter the boat and continue to do that for hours and hours and hours while Jesus is still up the mountain, not with them, and when finally he comes walking along on the water, they think he must be a ghost. 
Reading this reminded me of a Leonard Cohen song in which he says “Now Jesus was a sailor and he walked upon the water and he spent a long time watching in his lonely wooden tower and when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him….” And although I don’t think Cohen was much of a religions person it seemed like he had a real insight into this passage.
So Jesus says, it’s ok, it’s me, and Peter puts him to the test. And Jesus complies with Peter’s request and Peter gets out of the boat, and Peter is ok for a minute, but then he gets scared and he b…

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