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Once upon a time there was a girl whose mother died   and her father remarried   and then she had to become a servant.   She bore it well, but obviously   it was very unfair that this had happened to her,   losing her mother   and then losing her status and position in the family.   So fortunately her fairy godmother showed up   and turned her into an almost-princess   for just long enough for her to meet a prince   and then after some confusion they got married   and she became a real princess   and was able to kiss the servant life goodbye.   Thank God. Only on British PBS shows do people enjoy being servants,   and then only some of them.   So in that regard, I’m not sure which story is more of a fantasy -   Cinderella or Downton Abbey.   Servanthood is not something most people aspire to. We want to be transformed into something spectacular,   we want to be elevated to a place of importance,   we want to share in the glory of being on the winning team. But here comes Jesus this wee

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