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Headed to the Promised Land

After Moses led the people out of slavery in Egypt, they all had to spend a long time together in the wilderness. This was not easy for Moses nor for the people. When the going got rough, the people remembered the good times from before, they remembered the food and their homes and some of them formed a Let’s Go Back to Egypt Committee. But God fed the people in the wilderness - God sent manna and quail and commanded Moses to make water come out of the rocks when they were thirsty and to keep leading the people forward because they were being transformed into God’s own people.
But it all took a long time. Sometimes Moses got mad. Sometimes the people got frustrated. Sometimes God lost patience, especially after the incident with the Golden Calf. But the people thought that Moses had brought them into the wilderness to die and when he went up into that mountain topped with smoke and stayed there for a really long time, the people figured he must have died or something, that he wasn’t g…

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