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Gone Fishin'

Collect for the Second Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday Morning Music: Chris Thile/Edgar Meyer play a song about a duck

Friday Afternoon Hummingbird Break

Morning Psalm

Thursday Afternoon Duck Photos

Collect for Peace

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: And now for something completely different!

Morning Canticle

Tuesday Afternoon Bird Photo: Kingbird

O Happy Day!

For Those Who Influence Public Opinion

Collect for Trinity Sunday

Saturday Morning Movie: St. Patrick's Bad Analogies

Friday Afternoon Boat Ride

Collect of the Holy Angels

The View from Here

Morning Prayer

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Crabfight

Morning Psalm

Tuesday Afternoon Bird Photo: Hey!

For Those Who Live Alone

Night Prayer

Collect for St. Columba

Collect for the Day of Pentecost

Saturday Morning Movie: Pawtrait

Prayer for Use by a Person in Pain

Thursday Afternoon Duck Story

A Prayer of Self-Dedication

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Morning Bathtime

Collect for Those About to be Baptized

A Special Announcement about a Special Place

Morning Prayer for the Aged

Collect for All Sorts and Conditions of Men

Collect for the Seventh Sunday of Easter