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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Reflection

Tuesday Beauty

Evening Prayer

Waiting with Sherman

Welcome, Advent.

Caturday: Sally's Thanksgiving

Friday Fiddling

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Fall

Night Prayer

Christ the King

Caturday Flashback: Testing the waters

Friday Music: "Aquarium" with a view

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Melchisedek

A prayer for the evening

Monday Poem (from Endymion) (and a surprise wedding)

Testimony (A sermon)


Friday Music: Suzanne

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Crashing, rising

A poem for November 9

Prayer for an Election

Monday Prayer for our Nation

What I did today: The Feast of All Saints'!

Caturday! Chores.

Music for All Saints' : Rachmaninoff's Nunc Dimittis

Thursday's bird is on the run

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Brussels sprouts in the wild

Collect for the Feast of All Saints