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Some Thoughts About The Fruit of the Spirit

Collect for the Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

Saturday Morning Music Video: Kazoos and Xylophones and Triangles, oh my!

Friday Afternoon Raptor Photo

Morning Prayer for the Diocese

Noticing the Background

Morning Prayer for the Clergy and People

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What are you looking at?

Morning Prayer for the Mission of the Church

Blending In

Morning Prayer for the Church

It's a Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet World

Morning Prayer for Our Enemies

Collect for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday Morning Movies: The Lumineers

Friday Afternoon Beach Photo

Summer Reading

Morning Prayer for Peace Among the Nations

Thursday Afternoon Upside Down Duckling Photo

Morning Prayer for Peace

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Pigeon Pool

Morning Prayer for the Whole Human Family


Morning Prayer for All Sorts and Conditions of People

Bobbing for Popcorn

Morning Prayer for Joy in God's Creation

Being Alive

Collect for the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

Saturday Morning Movie: Horlzons

Sightseeing and Moviegoing

Thursday Afternoon Bird Photo

Morning Psalm

I'll Fly Away

Morning Psalm

Tuesday Afternoon Sunny Day Bird Photo

Morning Psalm

At Least Somebody Likes the Rain

Morning Psalm: Under the Shadow of Your Wings

Collect for the Third Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday Morning Movie: Julia Child Remixed

Friday Afternoon Bird Photo

Morning Prayer for the Conservation of Natural Resources

Lunch, Interrupted


Wednesday Afternoon Flower Photo

Morning Canticle