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Night Prayer

Collect for St Ignatius of Loyola


Collect for William Wilberforce


Collect for the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday Bonus: 10 Things that Delight Me

Saturday Morning Video: Draw Simon's Cat!

Friday Lighthouse Break

Visual Morning Prayer: Living Water


Collect for the Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A few words on the Feast of St James

Collect for St James

Someone Else's Sermon for Mary Magdalene

Riding the Wave

Collect for St Mary Magdalene

New at the Pond

Collect for the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday Night Video

Friday Lighthouse Break

Collect for Stanton, Bloomer, Truth and Tubman

The least of these

Collect for Macrina

Wordless Wednesday: Two Points of View

Morning Prayer for Knowledge of God's Creation


Collect for Bishop William White

Resistance is Futile: a photo essay

Drama, Drama Everywhere

Collect for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday Morning Jazz

Friday Lighthouse Break

Friday fun

Morning Collect: For Peace

Morning Collect: For the Unity of the Church

Wordless Wednesday: Headlong

Collect for St Benedict of Nursia

Phos hilaron