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A Challenge from Romans

Morning Collect for Those We Love

Monday Fun: Found Art

Collect for St Catherine of Siena

Sunday Extra: A Youth Sermon for Easter V: Engage!

Some Thoughts About Critics

Collect for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Saturday Morning Jazz

Friday Afternoon Bird Photo: Cardinal Pair

Collect: For Those Who Live Alone

Why I Love Mark

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Harbor Seals

Collect: In Times of Conflict

Night Prayer

Happy Earth Day!

Visual Morning Prayer

Sheep or Shepherd?

Collect for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Saturday Morning Music: Incarnational Inspiration

Committing Ourselves to Love (in the wake of the Boston bombs)

Pascha Nostrum

Thursday Afternoon Bee Photo

Visual Morning Prayer: Singing to the Lord

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Warbler glamour shot

Tuesday Morning Bird Photo

Visual Morning Prayer: Refreshment

Looking for the Helpers

Visual Morning Prayer: Labyrinth

The Gospel

Collect for the Third Sunday of Easter

Saturday Morning Video: Twisted 2-fer

Friday Afternoon Flower Photo (with bonus!)

Collect for George Augustus Selwyn

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Ibis Looks at You

Collect for William Law

Tuesday Afternoon Baby Duck Photo

Collect for Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Now the Day is Over....

Collect for The Annunciation

The Doors Were Shut and Locked

Collect for the Second Sunday of Easter

Saturday Morning Movie: Springtime!

Friday Afternoon Flower Photo