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Saturday Morning Jazz

Friday Afternoon Gentle Rain from Heaven Break

Collect for the Harvest of Land and Waters

Thursday Afternoon Bird Photo

Collect for Ascension Day

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Alternate View

Morning Canticle

Evening Prayer

Visual Morning Prayer

Music for Memorial Day: Lux Aeterna

Thanksgiving for Heroic Service

Collect for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

Saturday Morning Movie: Bess

Friday Thanksgivings

Visual Morning Prayer: Listening

Thursday Afternoon Bird Photo: Nesting

Visual Morning Prayer

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Visiting the Snack Machine

Collect for Peace

Tuesday Afternoon Bird Photo

Collect for Alcuin

Now the Day is Over ....

Collect for St. Dunstan

Collect for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Saturday Afternoon Music Video: Petruschka/Piano

Friday Afternoon Baby Duck Photo

Morning Prayer

Thursday Afternoon Bird Photo

Collect for Those We Love

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Cleaned Up


New Friends

Morning Prayer for Use by a Sick Person

Now the Day is Over ......

Collect for Knowledge of God's Creation

Compare and Contrast

Collect for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Saturday Video: The Simon's Cat Story

Friday Afternoon Baby Duck Break

Visual Morning Prayer: Thank You God for Daily Fish

Thursday Afternoon Flower Photo

Morning Visual Prayer: Thank you, God, for Daily Bread

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Fancy Landing

Visual Morning Prayer