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Stand Up and Raise Your Heads, for Your Redemption is Drawing Near

Caturday Afternoon

Friday Music: Fire and Rain, Updated! Now with calzone!

Thursday's Bird says: Happy Thanksgiving!

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Pied-Billed Grebe

Time to Play!

Monday Poem: Kindness

Sunday Psalm

Caturday Chores

Friday Music: Here and Heaven

Thursday's Bird is Riding the Wind

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Old and New

Standing out from the Crowd

Monday Haiku

Sunday: View from a Hospital Room in France

Caturday Prayers

Friday the 13th! Black Cat!

Thursday's Bird is Surfing

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday Thoughts

Monday Haiku

Sunday Psalm


Friday Music: Gjeilo Ubi Caritas

Thursday's Bird is Windblown

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Angels

Tuesday Haiku

All Souls (The Feast of All Faithful Departed)

The Feast of All Saints