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Thursday Afternoon Dolphin Photo

The General Thanksgiving

A Sparrow Says Grace

George Herbert: The Windows

Evening Psalm

Morning Prayer: Seeing Signs

Night Prayer

Morning Prayer

Now the Day is Over....

Collect for the Second Sunday in Lent

Music for Lent: Agnus Dei

Night Prayer

Morning Psalm

Thursday Afternoon Bird Photo: The Loon

Morning Collect: For Peace

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Rest

Morning Prayer: The General Thanksgiving

Music to Think About During Lent

Morning Prayer: Venite

Evening Psalm

Morning Psalm

Collect for the First Sunday in Lent

Saturday Movie: Jesus in the Wilderness

Evening Psalm

Friday after Ash Wednesday: A Song of Penitence

What We're Doing During Lent

Shrove Tuesday

Morning Psalm

Night Prayer

Morning Psalm

Evening Prayer

Collect for the Last Sunday after the Epiphany

Saturday Morning Movie: Simon's Cat/Hidden Treasure

Friday Afternoon Flower Break

Morning Psalm

Thursday Afternoon Bird Photo: Where's the Popcorn?

Morning Psalm

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Dazzling

Some Thoughts on the Martyrs of Japan

Visual Morning Prayer: In Church

New Friends

Collect for the Martyrs of Japan

Evening Psalm

Collect for Cornelius the Centurion

Why Are We Mad?