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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Preening

Collect for Joy in God's Creation

Tuesday Afternoon Bird Photo

Collect for Church Musicians and Artists

Lifting Up

Collect for St Mark

Collect for the Second Sunday of Easter

Saturday Morning Movie Twofer: Hop It! and Drawing Rabbits

Friday Afternoon Flower Break

Collect for Friday in Easter Week

Deeply Joying

Collect for Thursday in Easter Week

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Now the Green Blade Riseth

Collect for Wednesday in Easter Week

Tuesday Afternoon Bird Photo

Collect for Tuesday in Easter Week

Collect for Monday in Easter Week

Holy Saturday


Collect for Good Friday

Music for Maundy Thursday: Pange Lingua

Collect for Maundy Thursday

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Preparing for Baptism

Collect for Wednesday in Holy Week

Tuesday Prayer

Collect for Tuesday in Holy Week


Collect for Monday in Holy Week

Collect for Palm Sunday

Saturday Morning Music: Dupre plays Depre

Friday Morning Surfing Break

Collect for Friday in the Fifth Week of Lent

Hanging On

Thursday Extra