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Beach Stuff

A Collect for Peace

Beside the still waters

Collect for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Gone Fishing

Look, a bird!

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Black Pearl

Collect for the Feast of St Mark

The eye of the beholder

Visual Morning Prayer

Physician, heal thyself!

Peter, Updated

Collect for the Third Sunday of Easter

Saturday Morning Movie: This is your brain on music

Look, a bird!

Morning Collect for the Future of the Human Race

April Roses

Morning Collect for the Harvest of Lands and Waters

Wordless Wednesday: Lady Banks Rose

Morning Collect for Agriculture

Anybody need an extra hand?

Morning Collect: For Church Musicians and Artists

Now the day is over....

Morning Prayer for Travelers

A Tangible Resurrection

Collect for the Second Sunday of Easter

Saturday Morning Movie: Hop it!

Look, a bird!

Collect for Friday in Easter Week

More about fences

Collect for Thursday in Easter Week

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Fence

Collect for Wednesday in Easter Week

Photo of the day: thirsty neighbor

Collect for Tuesday in Easter Week

More Easter Monday

Easter Monday

Collect for Monday in Easter Week

He is Risen! Now what?

A Collect for Easter Sunday

The Collect for the Easter Vigil

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday Music

Music for Good Friday: Barber's Agnus Dei


Collect for Good Friday

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday (Holy Week Edition): Lamb of God

Collect for Maundy Thursday

The Light that Shines in the Darkness: Holy Wednesday

Collect for Wednesday in Holy Week