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Saturday Music/Movie

Morning Prayer: Saturday in Easter Week

Friday Afternoon Waterfall Break

Destruction. It's not about Noah Any More.

Morning Prayer: Friday in Easter Week

Night Gardening


Morning Prayer: Thursday in Easter Week

The Pond

Morning Prayer: Wednesday in Easter Week

Fifty Days of Joy

Morning Prayer: Tuesday in Easter Week

Easter Monday - The Day After

Morning Prayer: Monday in Easter Week

Resurrection: A New Life of Freedom

Easter Morning Prayer

The Easter Vigil

Holy Saturday Music/Movie Double Feature: Orthodox Lamentations and Trisagion

Holy Saturday Morning Prayer

Good Friday - The Burial

Good Friday Morning Prayer

Crazy Love

Maundy Thursday Morning Prayer

Lent Madness part deux

The Dinner Party

Wednesday of Holy Week Morning Prayer

Holy Tuesday

Tuesday in Holy Week Morning Prayer

Holy Week Saints and Sinners