A little Irish music for St Patrick's Day

This is my favorite Irish traditional music band, Altan.  I have most of their records.  I saw them in Atlanta once and also was in a pub in Donegal where two of the members were sitting in on a session (and they played the first song on this video).  They're not as flashy as Lunasa (another favorite group) or as "commercial" as The Chieftans - just great, professional musicians immersed in traditional music who play so well together.

Here's a slow song and a dance tune:

This band was one of the great bands from the 1970s - Planxty.  Here are three reels from them:

And the great, influential Bothy Band playing "The Laurel Tree" from 1977:

Happy St Patrick's Day!


Bill Bynum said…
Thanks for the Altan, Planxty, and Bothy band posts. Excellent for St. Patrick's day. I became interested in traditional Irish music through the Danu and Solas DVDs on Netflix. Thanks, too, for drawing me into your blog, because I now try to check it every day. Your blog is an example for us all of how to proclaim the Good News of God in Christ.
Bill, thanks for your comment. Glad you're finding meaningful stuff here on the blog. I hope you'll continue to visit and comment!