Today's SSJE reflection continues the discussion about Sabbath and rest. The question begins with an instruction: schedule a complete day of rest. Then the question, "What does it make you realize about your life and heart?"

First of all, I am having to think hard about scheduling a complete day of rest without being forced to (i.e., by being sick). But the more I think about it, the more attractive it becomes. I have in the past enjoyed days in which I stayed in bed most of the day napping and reading. I don't know that the brothers are suggesting that we have to stay in bed to rest, and certainly not to be sick. But when I stop to think, I suspect that the physical rest that comes with sleep is what I need most right now.

Perhaps resting more frequently would entail getting dressed and sitting up to read or to sit outside and watch the world. A day at the beach might well be a day of complete rest. Or at the duck pond. Or to spend the day at home but not feeling guilty about vacuuming. I would have to fight the urge to do something productive, I'm sure, until I got the hang of it.

I haven't been able to answer the question yet. What does it make you realize about your life and heart? But I suspect the answer might be that my life and heart are much more happy and healthy when I regularly take time out to rest.

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