Caturday Slide Show: Bella Watches Baseball

Bella enjoyed watching and playing a little baseball the other night. She wanted to catch the ball and also tell the players what to do. She listened in on their conversations and had some grooming advice to give. She also checked behind the TV to see where things went occasionally. At the end, she gave the pitcher a high five.

Thankfully, the tv is big enough to watch even while Bella is camped out in front of it.

Enjoy your weekend!


Ray Barnes said…
How clever of you to film her critical viewing. I'd love to hear what she was saying.
Or maybe not :-)
Anne Rein said…
I see that Bella participated in the conferences on the pitcher's mound. She must be a very smart kitty!
It was a hoot, Ray! She's done this a couple of times already. I wonder if she will tire of it - or will other sports be equally interesting? Stay tuned.
Yes, she had to lean in to hear it well. :-)