I have been sick. I caught the dreaded influenza. It was terrible. Then I developed bronchitis. That means lots of coughing. I have felt like, and no doubt acted like, a beast. See that Venetian beast up there? With the furrowed brow, downturned mouth, and prickly things coming out of its head? C'est moi.

I'm still not well, but I am on the upswing. If I can get my coughing under control (new meds today to help with that, I hope), I'll start making my way back into the world tomorrow. Sans prickly things, I hope.


Ray Barnes said…
Poor Penny. I sympathise. There would appear to be some pretty nasty bugs around this Winter. I am still not fully recovered and have no singing voice since 10th January.
Hope you will be fully better really soon and looking more like your sunny self than the unhappy-looking fellow in the photo,
I know, Ray. It takes so long to get over these things! I understand about your voice - I expect I will not be leading Evensong for a while. I hope you will be back to full strength soon yourself!