Tuesday Morning Visual Prayer: Light a Candle

(In the Chapel at St Edward's Episcopal Church, Lawrenceville GA)


Anonymous said…
hey penny! i've really been enjoying your photography ~ i had no idea! its really spectacular. thank you for your work.
just wanted to let you know i was inspired by these votives and the notion of praying in color. i used the idea, (and gave you and your wordless wednesday credit), to begin a retreat day with the atlanta chapter of Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross. we spent the day with one resurrection text (since its was during the great 50 days!) and prayed the text several times over, using sensory or imaginative prayer. i used food coloring in bowls of water and floating votives lighted from the paschal candle. anyways, thanks for the inspiration ~ light and color was a great way to start the day. Ruth Pattison+ St. Anne's Atlanta.
Hi Ruth! So glad you found this useful. Your retreat day sounds great. I took this photo in the chapel at St Edward's in Lawrenceville, btw.

I love to use floating candles and hadn't thought of coloring the water... I'll try that sometimes. Thanks for the idea!