What's going on down there?

So I've been gone from the blog for a bit and also really not able to post much even when I wasn't officially away from the blog. 

This is partly due to "planned maintenance," i.e., I moved from Williamsburg to Richmond and I still don't have internet service at the new place, and I have a pretty intense and wonderful (but definitely intense) new job. 

And partly due to unplanned events, i.e., my mom was hospitalized and while she is now stable, she has decided it's time for her to move back to my home town. Long time readers of this blog will remember that I wrote a few posts back in 2010 when I moved my mom away from my hometown to Atlanta. Now she is going to go back. We all think she will be very happy.

I also have a family wedding coming up in August (my son is getting married)!

We also lost our lovely Miss Kitty. She disappeared a couple of weeks ago and is presumed to have been killed somehow.

So, lots going on with me that is keeping me away from the computer. Many of these are happy events, but as you know, even happy events can be stressful.

Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of a common tern hovering about 25 feet over the surf. It's looking for the little silver fish that they love and will dive straight down into the ocean to catch with those powerful orange bills. I love watching them work. It reminds me that God gives us what we need (in this case food, an environment for the food, and the means to acquire the food) for life.

When things get as pushed up as they are for me these days, that's a very good thing to remember.


Perpetua said…
Gosh, there's been a lot going on for you, Penny. I hope your mom soon settles into her new home and that life settles down a bit for you too. A family wedding - how wonderful. :-)
Ray Barnes said…
I hope it works out well for your mom Penny. I am so sorry about Miss Kitty, I know how much you loved her.
Hoping and praying that life in your new home and job will prove to be all you could wish. But do try not to overdo the work aspect.
Blessings X
steve said…
Prayers will be said for your stress load... all this will pass also. Mostly take a deep breath and enjoy your new step in life...sounds like you are in a good place.