Today's Gospel reading from John is that rather funny/sad story about the blind man healed by Jesus and the furor created by the healing. The Pharisees are blind to the miracle because they have focused on the law (no working on the Sabbath, you!). The parents are blind to the joy they should feel at the healing of their son because they are worried about being put out of the synagogue (we don't know how this happened so you need to ask our son!).

The son has a sly sense of humor (Why do you keep asking me about this over and over again? You must really love this story! Do you want to become Jesus's disciples?).

Jesus kept getting in trouble for working on the Sabbath.

He can't be doing a good thing if he's working on the Sabbath! He could just heal people on other days! Someone who has been blind all his life could wait another day! Come on, Jesus, rules are rules!

I love this story. It gives me so much to think about. How do I observe the Sabbath? How SHOULD I observe the Sabbath? What rules do/should I follow?