I went out for a walk today with two old friends. We are all busy cleaning out closets these days. One because she is newly retired, one because she went through so much with her mother downsizing that she just wants to be rid of stuff, and one (me) because she is in the preparation stages of selling a house.

Part of our walk included exclaiming over the redbud trees in full bloom or the large number of bluebirds flying around (that was me: Look! A bird!).  Another part was the supposed systematic catching up conversation that was anything but systematic (for one thing, Look! A bird! and for another thing no conversation among the three of us has ever been systematic). After several pretty cool days, things are warming up here and the sunshine and flowers and birds made a great backdrop.

Spring is a great season. We see the earth putting on her colors and the brown and dead parts melting away. We love the warmth and the birdsong. It reminded me again that we all need to sport our new growth and give it some TLC and appreciation.

I am excited about the new life I am beginning over the next few weeks. Spring seems just the right time to start. I'm looking forward to sporting some new colors and feeling myself grow.