Tuesday Afternoon Bird Photo: Kingbird

This is an Eastern kingbird. I'd never seen one before until the day that I saw several of them. They're part of the flycatcher family, and there were certainly plenty of flies out that day, so no wonder. Kingbirds have this tiny red crest on top of their shiny black heads, but they almost never show the crest. I took picture after picture, hoping to catch a glimpse of red, but never got to see it.

Nonetheless, it's a striking bird, and not a tiny one, but look how delicately it perches on this thin, old, decrepit cattail.


Ray Barnes said…
Nice to see a bird in full evening dress for once. Our lot are a bit scruffy by comparison.
You have so many birds I've never heard of let alone seen.
You really should put a collection of your best pictures into a book and get it published Penny. Your photos are really wonderful.
Thanks, Ray! You are very kind. I enjoy my birding/photography hobby and am glad others enjoy the results.

The kingbird is a very proper looking fellow for sure. And he posed very prettily. On the other hand, you all have some lovely birds over there that we don't. Your robin is much lovelier than ours!