Annuciation (a poem)

Mary, did you marvel  at the sight of an angel in your room?

Did the hair on the nape of your neck
stand on end -
in fear, in fascination,
in dread,
in tender curiosity?

Did you consider
saying no? 
Did you blush or panic or wish
that you could rush out the door
into the cool spring breeze
and forget
it ever happened?

Hail, Mary,
full of grace,
the Lord is with thee,
he said in his angel voice
that must have sounded like heaven
to your maiden ear.

Why else would you have listened?
How else could you have listened?
Unless it was the sound of heaven that kept you still.

And while he waited for your answer, were you thinking that your life was over?

Or was it just the beginning?


Perpetua said…
Beautiful, Penny.
Thank you, Perpetual! Blessings on your travel today!