Caturday! Farmer's Market Edition

 On Saturdays, our church hosts a big farmer's market in the parking lot. It's right out my back gate. There's music (today a pop band featuring a parishioner who is the lead singer and parent of one of our Girls' Choir girls) and dogs and strollers (an adorable baby in sunglasses entertained me for at least ten minutes). And food. Lots of wonderful farm fresh food.

Like these gorgeous eggplants.  (Or is it eggplant because it's a collective food noun?)

Anyway, today, Bella decided to help me with the produce. Here you see her checking a chive for freshness.

Chives need to stand up to a lot of handling. Here Bella puts a chive through its paces.

So far so good. Bella is now ready to make salad. Here she is getting out the salad spinner. It's going to be delicious!

Happy Saturday!


Ray Barnes said…
Mmmm. Furry chives. Lovely!
Yes, Bella likes to add her own spices to things.