Friday Music Two-Fer: Amelia and Woodstock

If I had to name the very one singer that means the most to me, it would be Joni Mitchell. She is part of the soundtrack of much of my coming of age world (and by that, I mean while I was in college).

Here is Joni Mitchell singing Amelia, which is certainly one of my favorites, in 1979. The year 1979 was not a fave, but this song was. Somewhere around 1979 I went to a huge outdoor concert in the Orange Bowl in Orlando and this song was playing over the sound system while the show was setting up and I remember thinking, I wish we were going to see Joni Mitchell instead of Fleetwood Mac. (They were great, though. But they were not Joni Mitchell.)

There's a long solo by Pat Metheny at the end and you may want to just stop early on in that. He's great and all, but the point here is Joni Mitchell.  There's just not anyone like her.

The following is, not technically of course but in a way, how it all started. In 1970, Joni Mitchell missed going to Woodstock with her friends Crosby, Stills and Nash. But she wrote a great song about it. Have a listen:

Happy Weekend. Listen to the music, whether it's the wind among among the grasses or on the radio or just in your head. What a gift it was when God made music.