Music for the 11th Day of Christmas - The Wexford Carol

Thank goodness we've still got a couple of days more of the Christmas season. Happy 11th Day - enjoy this favorite, The Wexford Carol, featuring Alison Krauss (singer), Yo-Yo Ma (cellist), and Natalie McMaster (fiddle).

And blessings for the New Year!


Ray Barnes said…
Beautiful. Thanks Penny. I love the Wexford carol but the tessitura is too high for me and I can only sing it an octave down. It was one of our 9 lessons and carols this year but sadly I had to sit it out.
This is a lovely version.
I learned a new word, Ray. Tessitura! I have that problem too, sometimes.
Unknown said…
Love this!! Alison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma are two of my favorite musicians! Thanks for posting this, Penny. Happy 2016!