Friday Music: Becoming a Dental Floss Tycoon

So much fun out there on the internet today - April Fool's Day! So for your Friday Music enjoyment, here's Frank Zappa's Montana, a song about moving to Montana to raise dental floss and become a dental floss tycoon. (You probably already know that one harvests dental floss with tweezers.)

This is from his 1973 album Over-Nite Sensation. Tina Turner and the Ikettes sing backup.

No kidding.


Ray Barnes said…
Mmmmm Lovely....
Sounds as though he's been growing an entirely different kind of crop. (and smoking it) :-)
Thanks Penny my education will never be complete it seems.
Happy to oblige, Ray! Frank Zappa actually wasn't much of a druggie, amazingly. A fascinating character. His children are named Dweezil, Moon Unit, Ahmet, and Diva.