'Munk among monks

This is one of the many, many chipmunks who call the grounds of the retreat house of the Brothers of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE), which is called Emery House, home. There are several long, long rock walls on the property, and the chipmunks dart in and out of them.

I call them the 'munks who live among the monks.


Ray Barnes said…
Your holy munk looks very appealing, the most we see here are grey squirrels. While they are quite pretty to look at they are generally regarded as pests.
Where do your little fellows rank in the good animal/bad animal ratings?
Well, it depends on whether you have a vegetable garden. They are pests to vegetable farmers. I enjoy watching them. Bella and Sally are particularly interested in watching them on the patio where they glean from the bird feeders. Our previous cat regularly hunted them, to my chagrin.