Caturday Chores with the Roomba

Our son gave us an iRobot Roomba for Christmas! We love it.

As you might imagine, Sally and Bella have noticed. The first time we ran it, they were a little scared of it and a little intrigued. First they ran and hid and then when it docked itself after cleaning the first floor, they ran toward it to sniff it once it shut off. They also sniffed areas of the floor where it had cleaned.

The next time, they got closer and followed it around the house, still at a safe distance. I don't know if either of them will decide to take a ride on it, but they do seem to feel as if it is another being with which to interact. Of course, Bella interacts with her hackles raised.

Cleaning is fun! For the grownups. And it's a curiosity for the felines!