Lining things up

I take as many opportunities to make a fresh start in life as I can. So, this being "Labor Day Weekend," the unofficial end of the summer here in the U.S., I'm in fresh start mode. There are many things I need to do better, to quit doing, to start doing, and there's no point in even thinking one can turn over that many new leaves, but here's the plan for this particular fresh start:

First, today is cleaning out the clothing day. I have too many clothes. They take up a lot of room. I don't need all of them. So, with a brief nod toward Marie Kondo (because frankly there are some items I really do need to have in my wardrobe, whether or not they spark joy when I behold them), I will employ the three pile method (keep, throw away, give away) to every piece of clothing I own. I recognize that I will still have too many jackets and coats. I have a thing for jackets and coats.

Second, today begins my recommitment to posting photos on this blog. I have so many wonderful memories from our international travels of the last three years and the photos are just lying fallow on my computer. So, whether or not I am able to come up with a reflection to go with my posts, I will be posting daily, and perhaps randomly, a photo from our travels in Scotland, Italy, and France.

Today's photo is from Saint-Malo, the lovely walled seaside (on the English Channel) town in northwestern Brittany, which we visited in June. As we walked along the top of the walls, we watched a group of children learning how to sail. Here they are coming in after their lesson.

Happy September!


Ray Barnes said…
Is that what they mean by "having all your ducks in a row"? Or, in this case, ducklings.