New Friends

A pair of Canada geese arrived at the duck pond this weekend.  I went for a walk on Sunday and found they have become a three-some. The female mallard who spent the winter at the pond alone tagged along with them everywhere they went. Just like Mary's lamb.

Here's to new friends.


Perpetua said…
I'm so glad she has company, Penny.
Ray Barnes said…
So am I Penny, if slightly worried about the menage a trois. Keep us posted as Spring develops please.
Yes, I'm glad, too. Even if she just gets to be around other feathered creatures for a while, she's been by herself for months. No sign of any of them these last two nights, so I don't know if they all are visiting another pond or have found a quiet sleeping spot.
Update: I got over to the pond this evening before dark, and the threesome grazed on the hill until it got just about dark. Then the duck went into the big pipe where I figure she always sleeps, and the geese flew away, maybe to the next pond over. The great blue heron made an appearance as well. I expect in a month the pond will be full of feathered friends again.