Saturday Morning Jazz

My son went to a concert/master class with this group, Kneebody, last week. He was incredibly enthusiastic about them, so I checked out a few of their videos. Here's a song called Lowell, filmed live at The Blue Whale jazz club in Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

You can read about Kneebody here.



Ray Barnes said…
Fascinating. Thanks for this one Penny. There's something almost hypnotic about the soft sound and rhythm.
I particularly like the trumpet and sax.
Me, too, Ray. It's fun to find out about new music through my son. He was thrilled about the master class he had with these guys, being a trumpet player himself. Glad you enjoyed it, too!
Bill Bynum said…
It's easy to understand Jeffrey's enthusiasm for Kneebody. Thanks for a link to a playlist of eight interesting jazz compositions by Alex Chaloff. He's a concert film director and recording engineer (according to his web site) and he must compose on the side. The excitement of the Kneebody concert comes from where they take the original outline. Your son Jeffrey has evidently embarked on a fascinating musical journey. Thanks for sharing a part of it with us.
Thanks, Bill - a lot of variety in that playlist. It is fun having our own professional musician!