Tuesday afternoon "dogs in church" photo

On Sunday, we held our annual "blessing of the animals" in the church. Many churches do this on the first weekend in October, around the Feast of St Francis (October 4). This was the second year we've done this inside the church as opposed to holding it outside. Given that our church sports high boxed pews, some of the usual distractions (squirrels, birds, being able to see the other dogs) were minimized. The animals in attendance were very well behaved and it was a joyous occasion. It was great fun to see the (sometimes surprising!) combinations of pets and owners. A few of them were wearing some sort of finery to mark the occasion.

What was the most fun for me was being able to be the roving photographer at the service. As I stood in the back of the church, I enjoyed some great views of cute dogs enjoying the morning.  Enjoy!


Ray Barnes said…
Which one did the readings?
Antonia said…
Wonderful photos! I especially like the two dogs catching sight of each other... Given that one seems to be a Parson Russell Terrier (we have one) I can just imagine the frisson of interest at that moment. I'd love to have seen - and heard? - what happened next!
You know, Ray, they were all too shy. They didn't even sing!
Thanks, Antonia! The terrier quite enjoyed the whole day. We had quite a few dogs and they seemed to be happy in their box pews with their families (and on leashes). A few came to the communion rail as well, although most stayed behind with the people taking turns coming up for communion. It was a grea day.