Saturday Morning Music: Dupre plays Depre

French composer Marcel Dupre plays his Cortege et Litanie (Opus 19 No.2) in St Sulpice, Paris.

("Cortege et litanie" means procession and litany, so it's kind of a churchy thing.)

Enjoy. More Dupre coming up next week.


Bill Bynum said…
Wow! Many thanks for a wonderful musical treat, extraordinary in several respects. First, the music is majestically beautiful. Second, the music is being performed by its composer, so we get to hear it exactly as he wanted it to be heard. Third, the music is being performed on an exceptional organ in a magnificent setting. Finally, the recording quality is excellent. This clip is worth many hearings! Thanks again. I look forward to hearing the Dupre next week.
Bill Bynum said…
OOOPs. Sorry I didn't notice that Dupre is performing the Durufle. It is sill a majestically beautiful clip, even if it wasn't performed by Durufle himself.
Nope, it's Dupre all the way! Glad you liked it! I love this piece.