Saturday Morning Jazz

I never get to post my son's music stuff any more now that he's playing in places where they don't record video very often, but here's some great stuff from some of his former colleagues. This is a combo made up of musicians who play with the Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra in Atlanta. They are a group of very fine players.

Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra (RYJO) is a program for high school age Jazz students at Georgia State University. Program Director Dr. Gordon Vernick. Combo Director Kevin Bales.
Josh Achiron, guitar * Griffin Dangler, bass * Morgan Guerin, tenor saxophone * Adi Handach, drums * James Robertson, alto saxophone * Andrés Rovira, piano * Danny Wytanis, trombone *
Songs: Speak No Evil by Wayne Shorter, Think of One by Thelonius Monk, and Eye of the Hurricane by Herbie Hancock. 

This video was recorded by Luis A. Rovira at Georgia State University's Florence Kopleff Recital Hall March 28, 2014