Thursday Afternoon Bird Photo: Nesting

The other week, my family and I went on a walk along the James River here in Richmond. I was fortunate to be positioned in a place where I could watch this prothonotary warbler gathering materials for its nest in a tree stump beside the walking path. The bird flew to the river bank, picked up some moss, and brought it back to the stump, hopping in through the top, then placing the nesting material in the nest, then popping out through a knothole. 

After the bird finished working on the nest, it perched on a nearby branch to sing for a while.


I love your bird photos, and with this one, you've added a new bird to my ornithological lexicon!
Thanks, Charles! I saw one of these a couple of years ago but didn't get good photos. So happy to get them this time. A really lovely bird with a big loud song.