Evening Walk

You know how it is when you move. You haven't gotten a routine down yet. Stuff you know you have doesn't seem to be where you thought it was. You forget the things you used to do or at least you can't figure out how to do them in a new place. (How can we sing our song in a strange land?)

So this evening I was determined to go for a walk AND take along my camera. I have found the way to the pond at the University of Richmond nearby, in addition to walking around in my neighborhood, but I still hadn't taken out my camera on a walk. For one thing, I couldn't find all the parts. And for another, I couldn't find my walking bag in which to put my keys and phone. But I was determined to walk and take some photos tonight.

It's just ordinary stuff, going out for a walk, but in a new place, it can seem daunting.

I gave up looking for my walking bag (although I did finally find it when I got home) and headed out to the duck pond. I got a few lovely shots, which I hope to post here in the coming days.

As it grew dark on my way home, I stopped by a mimosa tree. Mimosa trees are pretty much junk here in the south. They spring up everywhere and can be invasive. But the powder puff blooms are actually love, and this one was kind of glowing in the gathering dark.

Sometimes very ordinary things make nice photos.

Good night, all.