Saturday Morning Music: The Perfect Day

Tomorrow my firstborn marries his bride. I'm sure there will be pictures to share later. Meanwhile, in honor of the wedding weekend, I wanted to post a clip of a really wonderful piece of wedding music, which I found: Henry Purcell's Voluntary for Two Trumpets. Unfortunately, the person who posted the video won't allow it to be embedded anywhere (like here on my blog). But it's a great piece. So here's the link to go watch it on YouTube. While you watch, you can say Mazel Tov to Brad and Bri!



Perpetua said…
Very best wishes to your son and his bride, Penny. My nephew got married a couple of hours ago and i was sorry not to be there. Have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks, Perpetua! The groom is currently stuck in the airport in NYC but it wouldn't be a wedding without some drama, no? :-)