Bella (the buff) and Sally (b&w) are growing daily but not losing their kittenish ways yet. You would never know these girls were not sisters. While they do take breaks from one another, for the most part they play together (and by that I mean thunder up and down the stairs and down the hall and climb things and roll balls and toss around toys and find everything the previous tenants lost under the radiators or the stove) most of the time except for when they are eating and napping. 

Of course, cats do a lot of napping. Each has a favorite spot.  Bella likes the top "bunk" on the cat tree. Sally likes the wicker loveseat. Lately, as the weather has turned cooler, they are napping together more. Napping together sometimes turns into playing again.

We are having fun.


Ray Barnes said…
Oooh! Serious cat envy. What a lovely soft little pair they look.
Cats are just so beautiful aren't they? I've never seen a really ugly one.
Give them a cuddle from me please.
Gladly, Ray. Yes, they are so soft - Bella is fluffy and Sally is sleek - and each is beautiful in her own way. I have always loved cats and happy to share my home with these two.