Today's SSJE video and question ask:

How might being attuned to this around you shape your prayer today?

If I stop and intentionally notice those around me in worship or conversation or other gathering, I begin to sense that some carry burdens from their posture or sighs or tears. And that noticing spurs me on to pray for them and to keep them in my thoughts as I go through my day......


Ray Barnes said…
Sorry I missed your 'poorly' post Penny. It sounds pretty nasty, I do hope you are properly recovered now.
Your two furry nurses must have been a great help.(not),
This post chimes with my thinking and I too notice when people around me are clearly in some distress and include them in my prayers. The only problem is sheer numbers at present. Everyone I see or talk to seems in some sort of need and praying while going about other daily activities can lead to some awkward situations.
The problem is, I feel that making a 'general' prayer to cover them all is a kind of cheating. Help....
Thanks, Ray. I'm all better now.

I hear you about sheer numbers. And I think it doesn't help to whip out a notebook and write people's names down as you notice them shedding tears etc. Sometimes my prayers are just brief thoughts - a person's face swims into my mind as I go on a walk or sit quietly and I just sort of send that thought or image out to God. One of the Brothers mentioned the other day what they call "arrow prayers," which are short in-the-moment thoughts intermittently during the day. I think that's the kind of thing I do and how I follow St. Paul's admonition to pray without ceasing. All through the day as I think of someone, I think of them in terms of commending them to God's care. But other times, as you say, I do make a general prayer. I know that God knows.