This week we move on to the category of "Work" in the SSJE essays/videos. Today's question is:

Is replenishing your being a priority in your life?

It's hard to say yes or no in a photograph, not to mention that this is not a simple yes or no answer. It ought to be. The answer ought to simply be yes. But my answer is not simply yes. It's both yes and no.

I know that replenishing my being is absolutely necessary. I find that over the last year or more, I've been running on nearly empty, stopping only to fill up enough to get a little farther along before running out of gas again. There are some reasons for that, although of course I have no one to blame but myself.

So, replenishing my being has not been a priority, based on how I have been behaving.

But I know it should be and am taking steps to behave better. Studies show (don't you love that phrase?) that people who rest and take time off and such are much more productive and happy than people who don't. There's even a great story about some pioneers who split into two groups - one group determined to keep going every day until they reached their destination. The other group stopped to observe the Sabbath. Guess which group got there first? The one that stopped to rest each week.

Here's a picture of something related to replenishing my being:

Sally practices the cat-cow pose.