I've posted this video many times, but it always speaks to me so here I am posting it again. I'm thinking a lot about wilderness these days, having begun a new kind of ministry in a new parish that has been without clergy leadership for some time. How fortunate we are to be beginning ministry together in a time where we are thinking about wilderness.

Blessings for a Holy Lent.


Ray Barnes said…
Thanks Penny I remember you showing this one before. It is quite simple yet says everything so clearly.

I hope you will find joy in your new ministry.

Joan Putney said…
I had not seen this one. Simple but so powerful.
And I’m glad to know l can keep up with you here.
Thank you.
Thanks, Ray and Joan!
Verdery Kassebaum said…

Isn't it interesting that "the Tempter" looks like Jesus?
Perhaps our temptations really come from within rather than from without?
Verdery, I agree that many temptations come from within. And some from without. That's certainly my experience.