Happy St. David's Day (deferred)

The winter was short and warm for the most part here, which made many of the flowers and shrubs bloom early. This meant that buds on the the pink saucer magnolia next to my driveway froze into brown mush when the inevitable hard freeze came last week.

Fortunately, it never seems too cold for daffodils. They are everywhere, on the side of the road, in people's yards, and these in a church garden, nodding their happy yellow heads as the "March comes in like a lion" winds are blowing today. And just in time for St. David's day (technically March 1, but that was Sunday so we're good celebrating it today). St. David is the patron saint of Wales and the daffodil, along with leeks, is often associated with the day. I didn't see any leeks today, though, so we'll have to settle for these lovelies.


anne said…
i smell these daffodils.
They do have a distinctive scent!