If you're a subscriber to this blog (and I hope you are or will be soon - just click on the words "subscribe" at the top right), you'll start getting your subscription posts via "Follow.It" rather than Feedburner, which is going away or something. The people tell me that you also can define filters and delivery channels for how you receive these posts. Being a sort of both/and Luddite/techie, I can't tell you what all of this means, but I do very much appreciate that you subscribe to my blog. 

As a reward for even reading this, here are pictures of my cats, Sally (black and white) and Bella (the fluffy one) enjoying the screened porch, their favorite spot:


rosemary said…
I have shared your blog with friends. They (and I) appreciate your reflections. Many a time I have wanted to let you know. I do hope that it will be possible to leave comments for you whenever the Holy Spirit suggests that I do so!!
Thank you, Rosemary! It's aways nice to hear from readers! Thanks for being one.