My camera broke when I was at the beach. This means that I haven't been able to take photos of our beautiful fall here in Williamsburg with its high blue sky and lovely lanes lines with colorful trees that are now raining down their leaves onto the streets in that way they do this time of year.  My phone camera just doesn't do it justice.

The good news is that my camera has apparently been repaired and is winging its way back toward me as I write. I hope we will have the right combination of weather and beauty for a photo session before it's too late.

While we wait, here's a photo I took on a beautiful fall November day in Maine, 2009.  It will have to do.


Perpetua said…
Oh the colours, Penny - like living gold. :-) Hope the repaired camera gets home good as new.
Ray Barnes said…
What a fabulous picture Penny.

An amazing contrast between sky and tree.Gorgeous.

I hope you get your repaired camera back in time.
Thanks Perpetua, the colors are deeper when you spell them "colours," I'm sure! I am sure I would get tired of the gold if there were nothing but, but they are my favorites!

And thank you also, Ray - it was a truly glorious day the day I took this (and a number of other) photographs. We were on a small river in Maine, about to get into boats to learn to row and there were eagles about in the sky, too.

The camera is on its way, but we have had a lot of wind the last couple of days and it's to be stormy the next couple. That may spell the end of most of the leaves...