I'm not feeling myself today. Been under the weather for the last few days - nothing serious, just needing more rest than usual and a bit of quiet (as in, I need to be quiet, as I have nearly lost my voice).  And so, although I have time to write, I'm not inclined to write. What I might write would be colored by my jaundiced view of the world - you know how it is, when you're not feeling your best.  Things don't look as well as they do when one is feeling well.  And so I will spare you, faithful readers, any jaundice today.

I will say that I heard a terrific sermon at church this morning (I didn't preach it) and I shall post the link when it goes up onto our YouTube channel tomorrow or the next day.  It had to do with inflatable turkeys, Winnie-the-Pooh, and a yellow ginkgo tree.

And I will also say, in total seriousness, that I can hardly wait for Advent to begin next Sunday!


Ray Barnes said…
I hope you will be feeling better soon Penny. Meanwhile your handsome red-haired vicar can take over from you.
I used to have one of those back in the late 60's. They were called trolls or gonks.
Take it easy.
Thank you, Ray. Just watched The King's Speech and now will read a few chapters of Brother Cadfael.

I never heard "gonks" but I certainly had a collection of trolls in the late 60's myself. I made outfits for them out of felt. This one was in the office of a priest I know.
Perpetua said…
Sorry you're feeling under the weather, Penny and I do hope a time of being quiet and looking after yourself will soon make you feel better.

PS Those were called gonks back in the days when DD had some.
Thanks, Perpetua. Gonks sounds less sinister than trolls for some reason. And I'm taking good care... Don't want to be unable to enjoy my trip to Atlanta later in the week!