Music for Advent

This year's rose Advent wreath at home

I was blown away at church this morning on this First Sunday of Advent.  The Advent wreath standing near our seats is made of rosemary and sage, and the fragrances wafted over to me from time to time.  The blue vestments and altar hangings had pink accents, and the flowers picked up the pink beautifully.

And the sermon made the point so well that "apocalypse" is about "revealing" and that the "signs of the times" are all around us all the time - war, famine, pestilence.  And so the time for change, the time for transformation, to time to look for God's revealing is now.

But it was the music that made it so awe-inspiring.  Singing hymn after hymn proclaiming the beauty of the season of expectant waiting made Advent seep into my very being.  In the weeks ahead, I'll be posting music videos of some of these wonderful hymns.  I hope they will assist you in your own expectant waiting for the beauty of the incarnation amid the brokenness of our world.

Blessings for a peaceful Advent.


Anonymous said…
beautiful..thanks..Bill Penn
Kay G. said…
Oh, I will be so happy to see what hymns you will select!