Not Busy in the Wilderness

Everyone is so busy now.  I usually feel guilty if I'm not busy, too. I've spent a whole lot of my life being busy.  But now I'd like to take a break from that. I'd like to be relaxed. I'd like to be at peace. I'd like to be happy whether all the things are getting done or not.

Most of all, I'd like to remember that it's not all up to me. The fact that the Good News is about Jesus Christ (as it says in our reading coming up for Sunday) means that it isn't about me.  The job of savior is taken.

As I look ahead at the reading for Sunday, the part about the wilderness jumps out at me. Trying to be not busy during a busy time is as disorienting as being in the wilderness.  But it's in the wilderness that Really Important Things happen in the Scriptures.  It is in the wilderness that people finally get it that they are completely dependent upon God.

And so I think I will stay here a while, in this not too busy wilderness, where I can focus on what it means for God to come to us - instead of what I have to do to get to God.  Where I can marvel that God pushes through whatever obstacles are in the way to get to me, if I would but stop and notice.


Brenda said…
Yes. All this. Being completely dependent on God is a hard place to come to, but a wonderful place to be. Thanks for sharing your heart.
Perpetua said…
Penny, a lot of us need to hear this and do it. I know I do. Thank you.
Brenda, thanks. It's hard to admit to letting go of being busy this time of year but it makes me sad to see everyone so frantic.

Thanks, Perpetua - glad this was useful to you.