Daffodils Redux

A few more daffodil/narcissus/jonquil glamour shots for your Saturday morning!


Ray Barnes said…
Oh Penny, how absolutely exquisite.
Wonderful pictures and a really lovely selection.
The only place I've seen better was in Keukenhof (probably mis-spelled)
Are these your own or in some bulb nursery?
June Butler said…
Gorgeous pictures, Penny! Yours make me wish for a better quality camera and the skill in photography that you so obviously possess.
Thanks, Ray. Some are mine and others are in the yard next door. Most, in fact!

Mimi, you are very kind. I do love to photograph flowers and love my camera.
Claudia said…
Would I please be able to borrow one or two of these photos on my blog? Credit will be given and linked back to here.
Claudia, I am happy for you to use my photos, with credit. Thank you for asking!
Claudia said…
Thank you Penelope.
If you're interested - here's my post: http://adulcia.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/hope-trust-and-believe.html