The warm winter has meant early flowers in the South.  In Atlanta, we had cherry trees blooming at New Year's.  Here in Williamsburg, the daffodils are in full bloom around town now and trees are thick with buds.

I have always loved daffodils.  When I was growing up, we always called them jonquils.  Then I started hearing people say they were a kind of narcissus.  According to The Flower Expert, there is no difference between daffodil and narcissus, but jonquil is one of the cluster blooming varieties.  Whatever.

One of the reasons I love daffodils/narcissi/jonquils is that they are yellow. Yellow is my favorite color, as many of you know.  It's a happy, warm, sunny color.  Daffodils/narcissi/jonquils are, too, among the early spring bloomers.  Sure, the crocus is the first bulb to burst forth in bloom, but they're so tiny!  And tulips are beautiful, but we couldn't grow them in Atlanta except as annuals.  Daffodils/narcissi/jonquils they come back every year, often in larger numbers and make a big splash .  And I'm all about the big splash.  Especially during the gray days of February.

We had quite a few types planted at our house when I was growing up.  There were the large, pale white ones that were very cool and regal.  The little cluster ones (jonquils, I know) on their thin dark green stems - some of them were all yellow and some white with yellow trumpets.  The garden variety all-yellow ones in big bunches.  My favorite was the one called "Scrambled Eggs" (some folks call it "butter and eggs").  I guess officially, they're "double" flowers. In roses and camellias, we're used to doubles and less familiar with singles, but the opposite seems true for daffodils.

So enjoy a little sunshine during these gray days of February and look around for some daffodils in your neighborhood.  Or if you live in a place where they are not blooming now, just Google "daffodil photos" and see if you don't feel better.


Perpetua said…
Gorgeous photos, Penny. No daffs or narcissi in sight yet here, but I will enjoy them when they arrive. I love the fact that so many spring flowers are yellow, as it's such a cheerful, encouraging colour after the greyness of winter. :-)
Thanks, Perprtua. I hope the yellow flowers arrive in your area soon!