Saturday Morning Jazz Concert

This is the 2012 Georgia High School All State Jazz Ensemble's concert performed in Savannah, GA on January 28th.  (My son is the tallest trumpet player in the back row who is usually behind the conductor.)  The video was shot and edited by the piano player's dad, Luis Rovira.  Enjoy!


Sx3inSC said…
Just is early Saturday morning here with the beginnings of a chilly and rainy day and this is warming my home. Thank you for sharing.
Perpetua said…
Great music, penny, though I can't watch all of it as my broadband connection is flaky today. Our eldest grandson plays the trumpet and his brother the clarinet in the local schools band and they love playing jazz.
Sari, so glad you enjoyed it!

Perpetua, our other son plays clarinet. He was the first jazz guy in the family, although he migrated over to symphonic band later.

It's great fun to hear them and watch them (and their band mates) mature as musicians.